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Viaducto Millau (Foto: Jean-Michel GUEUGNOT)


(Foto: Jean-Michel GUEUGNOT)

The European Institute of Mediation and Public Ethics, henceforth IEMEP, is integrated in the heart of the Centro de Estudios de la Fundación Valsaín. It promotes all needed actions for the implementation and the development of administrative mediation in all procedures, sectors and domains related to the functioning of public administrations in their interaction with individuals, natural or juridical persons, national citizens or foreigners.

The IEMEP tries to enhance a societal pattern based on peace through mediation and all citizens’ active, responsible and strong-willed participation. The IEMEP will specially promote all needed initiatives in order to preserve the respect of democratic values in public life. Amongst other activities the conception and development of ethical codes for public administrations or interested entities will be encouraged, establishing behavior patterns that will answer to behavior criteria based on a democratic ideology.

Techniques of administrative mediation will be also added to such codes in order to ease the transparent functioning of administrations and their employees, as well as to respect the legal system in force and the principles and values of the rule of law.

About Us
  • The IEMEP especially promotes all initiatives that are necessary to preserve the respect for democratic values ​​in the field of public life. Among other initiatives it will drive the development of Codes of ethics in the field of public administrations and their agents upon request, providing role models  meeting performance criteria that are based on an ideological conception of  democratic content.

  • Our Institute comprises professionals with long experience in the areas of conflict resolution between administrations and private subjects, where they developed their work over the past 20 years.

What do we do?

  • If originally mediation looked forward to unloading the Courts of a disproportionate and unjustified prosecution of some conflicts and alleviate the structural deficit that accompanied the public service of justice in a secular way; today this it has acquired a self-substantivity with a material value socially and legally recognized by many disciplines, without the ballast only designed as a procedural formula of conventional termination of contentious proceeding.



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